Welcome to the Waziup CI/CD server!

The source code of WaziDev, WaziGate and WaziCloud is compiled every night by this server, and then run in a staging environment.
The 3 components are then tested automatically, you can check the test results in Jenkins.
You can also trigger a manual build in Jenkins if you want to test your change quickly.
In the following sections, you can find the various UIs in the staging environment.

Go to Jenkins

WaziCloud staging

WaziGate staging

WaziGate with the latest code from Github (recompiled every night): WaziGate with stable version (from the Website): WaziGate stable

WaziDev staging

A WaziDev is attached to the staging server on /dev/ttyUSB0. It is running this test program. You can copy/paste the LoRaWAN keys in the gateway to see the values.